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[testimonials autoplay=”no” delay=”8000″ show_nav=”yes”] [testimonials_item name=”Igna” job=”CEO”] We are running women’s young contemporary apparel company. our clients are mainly retailer shop owners. we are wholesaler. Due to decrease of walking visitor to our store, our sales volume has decreased more and more. At that time, we met bestoneweb for expectation to get out of this difficult situation six months ago. we also have a lot of stock that was big headache also. During last six months, we’ve experienced a lot in especially online business part. BestOneWeb has set up all kinds of sales marketing channel one by one including B2B marketplace site and Amazon, google shop, etc. As a result of this kinds of efforts of bestoneweb, we got a lot of order and sales up results and we are experiencing our web business has grown drastically. I really appreciate bestoneweb for training our employees and giving us confidence on web business.
[/testimonials_item] [testimonials_item name=”Louis” job=”CEO”] We are running wholesales women’s apparel business. Our sales has been done by our sales rep who are managing USA national area. and We have used other inventory system like aims. but the cost is so expensive and inconvenient for our business style. The development team of BestOneWeb has solved these kinds of inconvenient factors while developing our eCommerce website. they developed sales rep system so that our sales rep can access to our site with their account info and input their order that is placed on Trade Show, Fashion Event Period conviently wherever they are. This is a kind of innovation for us because we and our sales rep focus on sales effectively rather than manage and process the orders. Thanks for BestOneWeb.
[/testimonials_item] [testimonials_item name=”James” job=”Manager”] We are running Party Dress Wholesale Business. We need to enhance web sales part so we hired several professional for our website promotion. Hiring and Laying off has been our routine job but we didn’t meet the right and real professional on marketing and eCommerce Maintenance part. But we found bestoneweb one year ago. we’ve been great partner each other since last year. We could set up reasonable and measurable sales object and follow bestoneweb’s direction and training. We’ve achieved a lot so far. but we expect more amazing result by the virtue of bestoneweb professional eCommerce Marketing and Maintenance Service.
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Clients Testimonials About Web Marketing

[testimonials autoplay=”no” type=”wide” delay=”8000″ show_nav=”yes”] [testimonials_item name=”Joseph” job=”CEO”] We are really pleased to recommend bestoneweb to the company that has faced the same situation and problem like us. we are manufacturer and we planned to set up eCommerce and market our product and brand. As you know, It’s not easy. so we had spent a lot of time and cost to manage our eCommerce Site. Finally, we decide to oursource our web and marketing. after that, we tried to find the best qualified company to do online business. we figured out the following qualifications. 1. reliable 2. affordable  3. well experienced  4. very professional . but it’s too hard to find the appropriate company. finally We got referal. and contracted bestoneweb for marketing.Since that time, we.ve never regretted of being a partner with bestoneweb. we are very satisfied with the service quality, service speed and service results.
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