Default Skills Style

[skills] [skill name=”Photoshop” percent=”60%”] [skill name=”Flash” percent=”80%”] [skill name=”Javascripts” percent=”80%”] [skill name=”WordPress” percent=”90%” text=”HIGH”] [skill name=”PHP” percent=”70%”] [/skills] [space]

Skills with Colors

[skills] [skill name=”Photoshop” percent=”60%” color=”orange”] [skill name=”Flash” percent=”80%” color=”darkcyan”] [skill name=”Javascripts” percent=”80%” color=”crimson”] [skill name=”WordPress” percent=”90%” text=”HIGH” color=”red”] [skill name=”PHP” percent=”70%” color=”royalblue”] [/skills] [space]

Image Align Left with fadeInRight

[img src=”” align=”alignleft” effect=”fadeInRight”] [space]

Image Align Center with bounceIn

[img src=”” align=”aligncenter” effect=”bounceIn”] [space]

Image Align Right with slideInLeft

[img src=”” align=”alignright” effect=”slideInLeft”] [space]

Image with FancyBox

[img title=”Click Image View” url=”” fancybox=”yes” src=”” effect=”fadeInLeft”] Please click image open fancyBox.

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