1st : website or e-commerce set up

1. Build SEO Contents

To succeed in online marketing, you need to select correct keywords customers are using.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Keyword Library System
  3. Search Engine Optimized Contents 
  4. Product Information with Long Tail Keyword
  5. Use Money Keywords

2. e-commerce system

E-commerce system should be built for customer’s convenience & have sales up functions

  1. Analyze Business Type & Needs
  2. Analyze Customer’s Interest
  3. Customize various kinds of function to make sales boost
  4. Select Design Concept for the business industry.

3. set up social Channel

Social Channel like Facebook, TikTok, Insta, Pinterest is crucial to succeed in marketing.

  1. Strategically We select social channels depending on customer’s industry.
  2. We set up and guide our customers about how to maximize their social channels.

4. email marketing

E-Mail Marketing is very essential marketing tool to expand sales boundary steadily.

  1. We define 7 process steps.
  2. We train our customers.
  3. We teach how to achieve the best result.
  4. We make our customers understand and use it.
  5. We gives easy templates also.


It is essential to keep highest ROI is imperative in succeeding in Online Sales Marketing.

  1. Set Up SEO/Ads Exposure.
  2. Train how to analyze ROI
  3. Set Up Social Ads.
  4. Train how to upgrade ROI
  5. Select best Ads Channel.
  6. Teach how to focus high ROI.

6. Total check up

We teach our customers how to catch fish, Not fish itself. Total checkup is the last step for our process.

  1. e-Commerce System Checkup.
  2. High ROI Keywords Checkup.
  3. Social Media Posting Checkup
  4. Email Marketing 7 Step Checkup
  5. Laser Target Ads Checkup
  6. Ads ROI Checkup/Feedback.