Frequently Ask Questions

Before applying for free website building, check these FAQ please.

How to apply for premium website ?

You can apply for our premium website free of charge

The steps are as follows

  1. Visit our family hosting site =>
  2. Sign up and purchase your domain in our family hosting site.
  3. Enter account info[Username or Customer number, Password] of in free website building application form
  4. Fill out all fields of application form.
  5. We decide which hosting plan is best for you before we start
  6. We purchase hosting plan in based on your request.
  7. After setting up, We send completion message
I have domain in other register. How do I do ?

We need to transfer your domain to our This process is so easily done. Just let us know login info of your current domain register.

What kind of website do you build for free ?

We are here to help small business owner in this contactless business environment. So We want each owner who don’t have any website to introduce his own business to potential customers to have very nice and professional website. By building beautiful website, Business owners can promote their business efficiently without getting stress.

So we are building premium level website for free

Can you build website in more than 2 languages ?

We only build free premium website in English 

I like your free website program. Can I build free website with very customized style ?

We build free website for small business owner who don’t have any advertisement way efficiently. so We focus on building high quality design website first. If you really want to build your own customized website, let us know. We can talk about customization with minimum charge.

What kind of benefits are there besides free premium website ?

We will list your business info and website in our business listing sites and community sites that many people visits for free. You can experience new style of business community site. Our business directory platform has all functions that make business owner run his business easily such as appointment, booking and others.

Is there any contract to get this free web building service ?

We don’t have any contract for this unimaginable free service. What we want is to keep going with our customer’s business for long term by helping our customers to have traffic and grow their business.

What different points are there from Wix, Shopify and etc ?

There are various free web builders or paid web builders. But most of these web builders assign all jobs such as selecting template, setting up all contents, modifying every needs and all everything to customers who are not accustomed to these kinds of system. We take all these jobs instead of customers. Our customers just focus on their business and We focus on their online channel. These critical points save huge cost and lots of time from our customers. Every customers who experienced these free or paid tool know very well what we mean !